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Recreational Activities in Birmingham.

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Birmingham without any doubt is one of the biggest and most important cities of United Kingdom and therefore it is a city which attracts lot of tourists. It has a very rich track record and history and therefore it is included in the itinerary of local tourists and foreigners from across the world. Over the next few paragraphs we will try and find out answers to the question; what to do in Birmingham today.

The Much Talked About Birmingham Hippodrome

There is hardly any doubt that whether one is love or art, music and theatre there are hardly any reasons not to visit the famous Birmingham Hippodrome. It is situated on the Hurst Street and it is massive 1,900 capacity hall which is well known for hosting some of the best performances, ballets and other such modern dance and drama events.

The Library of Birmingham

This is a very famous and wonderfully stocked up library with some of the most ancient books. It also has a big garden and taking a stroll after reading some great books would certainly be something that will remain etched in memory for a long period of time. It is situated at a height and one can get a very wonderful view of Birmingham from here.

Pen Museum

Those who are big connoisseurs of different types of old and contemporary pens should without any doubt pay a visit to this museum. Apart from having a look at the various types of pens, it also provides the opportunity to try their hands at making their own nibs.

Apart from the above, The Broadway Casino is another wonderful place which should not be missed out for those who wish to make their visit spicy and exciting. The above are just a small illustration and there are literally dozens of places that one could do when visiting, and gives you options on what to do in Birmingham today.

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